Climate Activity Reimbursement Program

Ohio Clinicians for Climate Action Student and Trainee Reimbursement Policy

This policy applies to the Ohio Clinicians for Climate Action Organization (OCCA). The policy outlines procedures that all student or trainee members of the OCCA who are seeking reimbursement for expenses directly associated with climate and health must follow for reimbursement to be considered. Expenses that are not correctly submitted with supporting documentation outlined below can be considered non-reimbursable. The program manager reserves the right to deny any request for reimbursement. 

The OCCA reimbursement request must include a clear description of the business purpose related to the mission of the OCCA (Climate and Health). Itemized, legible receipt/s must include the date and total cost of expenses. A short 3-5 paragraph summary of what was learned at the conference, education, advocacy event must be submitted with your paperwork and will be used as a blog post on the OCCA website. Your write-up may also be used in social media posts.

Reimbursement of up to $150 per person per year will be given until the budgeted funds are used. Once the budgeted funds are used no further reimbursement will be given for that year. The deadline for submission for reimbursement is no later than 30 days after you attended the event. Reimbursement can take up to 45 days after submission and further information may be requested.

  1. Reimbursement
    1. The following items are not eligible for reimbursement 
      1. Meals
      2. Childcare
      3. Clothing
      4. Souvenirs
      5. Excessive or unnecessary expenses.  
    2. The following items are eligible for reimbursement
      1. Lodging
      2. Events, conferences, education & advocacy directly related to the mission of OCCA
    3. Lodging
      1. Lodging reimbursement may be requested for use directly related to travel for an event/conference.
      2. Lodging will only be covered for the days the event/conference occurred
    4. Events
      1. Event reimbursement may be requested if the event meets the mission of the OCCA.
  2. Reimbursement Request Process
    1. Email the following to, should all be attachments and not in the body of the email
      1. Event flyer/media with the date and cost of the event listed
      2. Legible receipts for the event attended and/or hotel stay
      3. Copy of your student identification card
      4. Write-up of the event attended
        1. Word Document format
        2. 3-5 paragraphs on the event and what was learned
    2. Email subject should read: REIMBURSEMENT REQUEST
    3. If you do not get an email confirmation receipt within five business days please call the OCCA office
  3. Members of the OCCA certify that their request for reimbursement is accurate. Failure to comply with policy results in reimbursement denial.